KLKC – Kids Life Kids Church



Kids Life Kids Church is a place where every child can come and experience the love of God, discover who they are in Christ, and learn to operate in the gifts God gave them. We offer age appropriate activities for children birth to 6th grade. Kids Life Kids Church is honored to come along side our parents to raise up a generation of children that have a heart for God.

2nd-6th Graders: Look what's new!



We treasure the opportunity to minister to your child. Our nursery and 1 year old teachers take the time to cuddle, play, sing and pray with each little one. We take special care to make sure that your child’s every need is met. It is highly important to us that our parents know their children are safe and loved while they are in our care.


Our terrific two year olds have so much fun discovering all that God has created. Whether through basic Bible stories or purposeful play-time, everything we do in class helps them learn they are part of God’s creation. His design is to be their best friend!


Our powerful preschoolers learn about how God loves them, cares for them, and desires to have a personal relationship with them. Class time is filled with wonderful worship, creative Bible stories, crazy crafts, and playful activities. These kids are ready to have fun and so are we!


Our elementary classes are packed with interactive teaching, high energy praise and tons of fun! The kids are hungry to know more about God and the purpose He has for them! Funkytown is a place where kids, 1st through 4th grade, learn biblical truths and how to apply them to their daily lives.

Service Times/Location

0-2: Main level | 2-6th GRADE: Lower level

SUNDAYS | 9AM & 11:00AM



All KLKC volunteers and staff must go through an application process and have a nation-wide background check on file before they can serve in any ministry that involves KLKC. SECURE CHECK-IN

Our check-in process involves a randomly-generated, alphanumeric code printed on the child's tag and the parental receipt tag. Without the receipt tag that matches the child's nametag, it is impossible for unauthorized people to pick-up a child from a KLKC classroom. CLASSROOM RATIOS

All of our classrooms are staffed with an adult per child ratio according to childcare licensing standards of the State of Washington. We are committed to providing great and supervision for all children participating in KLKC. RESTROOM PROTOCOL

Your child's privacy will be maintained throughout their experience in KLKC. A parent will be paged to administer any needed diaper changes and children in need of assistance in the restroom, will have their parents paged to offer this assistance. Adults are not permitted into the restrooms with children.


We value your children. When you first visit, we will need you to bring in the following information: parent/legal guardian names, children's names and birthdates, address, phone number and any additional information you would like us to know (allergies, special needs, etc.). This information is kept on file to make your check-in process more smooth and to uphold a secure check-in process.

For children 0-2 years old, please visit the upstairs check in desk near the nursery. For kids 2 and older, please visit the check in desk in the lower level. A staffer will be available to help you!